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Possible Causes of

Electrical Failure:

Water Enters through multiple points:

  • Weatherhead
  • Improperly installed point of attachment
  • Frayed entrance cable
  • Loose or damaged connectors
  • Water flows through entrance cable into panel
  • Water drips from entrance cable into electric panel
  • Panel bus, circuit breakers and conductors corrode
  • Electrical equipment will not operate in the event of a hazardous situation
  • Catastrophic damage results!

New Services from:


All services:

Guaranteed and inspected by Licensed NYS Fire Underwriters

Newly Installed Upgraded Residential Overhead Service:

  • Rigid Conduit Provides superior weather resistance and protects against accidental damage
  • LIPA Approved meter pan
  • Main breaker corrosion resistant panel
  • New circuit breakers protect building conductors